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Reach your

Physical Peak.

your Fitness and Wellness Collective.
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Fitness with Manpower

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You should choose me as your PT if you are:

* willing to
commit to yourself and put in the extra effort

* seeking
accountability & guidance with your fitness and diet

* judging your
body image harshly and want to make a change physically and mentally

wasting time in the gym making it up as you go along

bored by your current fitness routine

stressed due to living a fast paced lifestyle

* confused or
intimidated by the gym equipment/space

* feeling
anxious or depressed

* seeking a
social fitness experience

* require
rehabilitation from injury, surgery or chronic pain
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When choosing me as your PT, whilst I always strive to elevate my standards of fitness & wellness and lead by example, my exact routine may not be right for you. So perhaps my biggest distinctive benefit is that I will coach you as an individual, based on your body, lifestyle and preferences.

promise that you will achieve:

* a measurable improvement in
body composition

* feel more
energy with improved fitness

* learn something

* have
fun while training with me! :)

If you are dissatisfied, unmotivated, stressed, sad or confused then I can make your body stronger, faster, fitter, bring your mind into the present moment and leave you feeling happier than when you walked in.

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warm up or cool down your body and relieve stress and improve your mood
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a structured and sustainable approach to gaining strength and muscle
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accelerate fat loss, boost metabolism improve cardiovascular + respiratory fitness. OPTION TO INCLUDE BOXING, KICKBOXING, MMA DRILLS
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Wellness treatments to soothe sore muscles, release areas of tension and leave you feeling revitalised

“It’s been my privilege to help thousands of clients move better and dramatically improve their quality of life. My unique approach combining hands on treatments with individualised, supervised exercise truly produces outstanding results. If you experience pain, I can help.”

Shane J. Dyson
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