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A little about Shane

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Shane J. Dyson is a certified Australian Physiotherapy Association Member with a difference; young and innovative, he is constantly looking towards the frontiers of new treatments while not forgetting his extensive education. Growing up in peaceful Oyster Bay along the Georges River in Sutherland Shire, he was the youngest of three children to an inspiring P.E. Teacher couple, you could almost say that the physical experience is in his blood. He was impressed by the upper echelons of sportsmanship from a young age, living in Sri Lanka for 2 years as a teenager and travelling with the national cricket team while his father was the Coach.

Shane explored sports throughout his youth trying to find his niche, finding his home as a competitive rower, which taught him the value of endurance and cardiovascular health. As he got older the competition got stronger, so to rise to the challenge he progressed into weight training. It was here that he started to encounter barriers to his progression and injuries that stopped it outright, but this was only the beginning. He had found the spark of his interest in the human body. He became fascinated in the optimisation of form for exercise not just for himself but helping others to do the same. When it came time for higher education, he enrolled in the Western Sydney University physiotherapy program and was awarded the Academic Excellence Scholarship.

These days he operates his clinic in Green Square, Sydney, though his scholastic and ambitious pursuits have not fallen by the wayside. He was recently awarded a grant by the City of Sydney to innovate his business to deal with the COVID crisis. He has even taken a Yoga training course which expanded his view of health and well-being into a more holistic space. He is very excited about the evolution of pain science, debunking myths like the need to have a straight spine when lifting weights. Just as he learnt as a child and throughout his youth, helping people is front and centre of Shane’s philosophy and he can’t wait to help you get back to the active and mobile person you were meant to be. ­­­


Muscular man yoga posing on the boulevard at the beach


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“It’s been my privilege to help thousands of clients move better and dramatically improve their quality of life. My unique approach combining hands on treatments with individualised, supervised exercise truly produces outstanding results. If you experience pain, I can help.”

Shane J. Dyson
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